3. Magic English-Russian Podcast. Information storages

1 31.05.13
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Magic English-Russian Podcast
by Stanislav Mitichkin (Russia, Moscow, 2013)

Podcast 3. Information storages

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   Hello my friends! Nice to see you again.

   Today we are going to discuss information storages.

   It is very important to save and retrieve information. I think you wouldnt argue that It is
crucial for surviving. You have to have some kind of memory in order to live and learn. And it is
important to share the information with other persons, to pass it on through space and time.

   The first handy information storage of the humankind was a clay tablet. It is a tablet made
of clay with signs written on them by cuneiform. After writing they were burnt in fire and became
hard and endurable.

   The next good information storage was paper. The value of it highly increased when book-
printing technology was invented. The paper is a very reliable, convinent and strong information

   When computers appeared they required a digital storage to input the program and get the
results from a computer. So the paper became such a storage in a form of a punched card. It is a
paper card with decimal figures and holes in it.

   The next good storage was a magnetic tape. I remember my first computer ZX Spectrum. It had
many programs stored on tape. To start a program or a game you had to rewind the tape to the right
position and load the information into computers memory.

   Then the era of disks began. There were floppy disks 5.5 (inches) and 3.5. We called them
diskettes. I remember they often got corrupted.

   Also computers have hard disk drives (HDD). It is a reliable magnetic information storage
but it might be corrupted too. To increase safety of the information you can build a RAID
Redundant Arrai of Independent Disks. Two or more disks are joined and work as one. When one
phisical disk is corrupted the information can be restored from other disks. Nowdays the largest
amount of information is saved on hard disks.

   At the same time the technology of optical disks has been developed. From CD we came to DVD
and now we have BluRay multilayer optical disks.

   One period of time hybrid magneto-optical disks were commonly spreaded. They combined a
laser beam and magnetic field to read and write data on them.

   Then a new storages was developed: flash-memory and SSD (solid state disk). They are very
fast for random access but quite expensive in comparison with HDD.

   Who knows what a good information storage will be next? Maybe some crystal things or

   However, all these storages are less reliable than DNA, a long molecule of life, because it
replicates itself, repairs and refreshes the information saved on it. So it can keep the information
uncorrupted for billions of years. The animals with corrupted information just dont survive and
cant pass it through space and time.

   I wish you good memory! Bye-bye!

Lets learn some useful Russian words for an emergency situation.

Russian    Pronunciation    Meaning
   D-I-S-K    A DISK
   D-A-N-N-Y-E    DATA
   L-E-N-T-A    A TAPE
   DE-EN-KA    DNA

And now Ill repeat all the text in Russian. Just listen to it and notice the sounds and the rhythm
of the language. Here we go.

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